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2 The Hilton Hotel and Convention Center on Okeechobee Boulevard in West Palm Beach is also popular for these two types of cigar rolling events and we have been there and through the other convention centers throughout South Florida.


CF cigar rollers are contracted exclusively with us as they are more than just cigar rollers. All of these cigar artisans are approachable, they are cigar knowledgeable, good-looking, politically correct and people you would like to have around your friends and family while they are rolling cigars.


Cigar rollers are typically at an event for 2 hours with guest lists under 300 however, overtime is possible and more common among corporate events. The custom graphics on your custom cigars are designed specifically for you and attached to each cigar presented at the event.


A separate inventory of cigar bands is given to your roller so that the cigars rolled on site and those prepared ahead of the event will all have your custom cigar labels visible to all. Each guest list is different so pricing varies so each event is custom quoted as different features together or apart could be included or not. When you give us the details of your event below we will check the date for availability, look at the type of event to select the proper cigar, notice the guest count and create a suggested package - not a firm package - that you can revise.


All of our quotes are "open ended" allowing you to make decisions on quantity and time with a little help from us. You don't have to know anything about cigars as we have three event coordinators available for you to consult with about decisions you make to create a perfect fit. Click the link below to get a quote. . Enjoy.



This area is excellent backdrop for cigar events as the cigars, cigar rollers and cigar servers are all put together with a beautiful backdrop of the ocean making this a perfect compliment to any upscale event whether personal or commercial.

Cigar roller events in Palm Beach are most common with locals during the off-season and when the snowbirds come in after October.


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